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The stars had swallowed his sun and now, Ash burned.


If there was a moon, the smoke was too thick to see it.

After all the mistakes Ash has made, he never thought that Tayshia would be the biggest one of all.


She has set them both on fire and there is no room in his lungs to scream. They are blackened to a crisp, splintered with cracks that have scorched his spirit barren. The only air the cosmos see fit to grant him is hers. She breathes in the stars. He exhales starlight.


It’s all come to this, the final decision he must make to keep her alive. A decision in a game that she’s been playing with him from the moment she first accepted his kiss in their apartment hallway. A decision that will either save her life…


…Or burn them both to ashes.


Ash will soon find out that no matter how hard he tries to quell the flames that Tayshia has set alight, as long as he keeps making the wrong choices, she will continue to scorch him until no piece of him remains.

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