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"She was like an ice princess whenever he looked at her, her tawny brown skin always appearing as soft as a blanket of snow, with her heart draped in sheets of frostiness that only seemed to melt when she wanted it to."

When Ash Robards and Tayshia Cole head out to the hot springs behind their boarding school on graduation night, Ash is unaware that three things are inevitable.

His father's going to prison.

His mother is dead because Ash never told her secret.

And he really, really cannot stand Tayshia Cole.

The legend of the hot springs says that if you step into it with your soulmate under the stars, you'll be together forever. No one believes it, especially not Ash and Tayshia.


It's a myth. It's false. It can't possibly be true.

So why can't he stop dreaming about her?

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