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Ash knew the sun was a star.

It burned hot—hotter than anything in the solar system. From outside galaxies, it was naught but a white pinprick in the expanse of black. But to Earth, it was fire incarnate. It would burn and burn and burn, expanding for millennia until it consumed everything. And then, it would die.

As hot as the sun was, Ash’s anger burned hotter.

After witnessing Tayshia doing the unthinkable, Ash makes a decision that will eradicate the careful web of denial he's woven after his mother's death.


When Tayshia tells a lie that sets into motion a fire that could have been avoided, Ash finds himself making wrong choice after wrong choice. His secrets threaten to destroy the control that Tayshia tries so desperately to maintain.


As he tries and fails to sort manipulation from the truth, Ash finds himself fading into the same flames that devour the sun. But there's a darkness that surrounds Tayshia...


A darkness that Ash will stop at nothing to ignite.

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