The Trapped Trilogy

Book One

Copy of Black Flat & Minimalist Quote An

Naima Okeke feels trapped in a world without air

She loves her family enough to hide everything from them, no matter what the cost. Even if that cost is watching her waste away to nothing.


Her boyfriend, twenty-four year old Callan Adams is a monster who takes his anger out on her in the worst of ways. Her skin is littered in bruises that map out his rage, a testament to his disappointment.


His younger stepbrother, twenty-one year old Jaden Yoo is the only person who makes her feel like she can breathe. When he smiles at her, she feels butterflies. When he compliments her, she knows he means it. When he looks at her, she feels like she matters.


Can she balance Callan on one hand and Jaden on the other, or will her dangerous coping mechanisms threaten to destroy the fragile web of lies she's built to protect her family?

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